The Double Damn

When I saw this group I had to laugh....yes, I've been told "damn you're" followed by many adjectives.  Stubborn comes to mind, a smart aleck on occasion, a lot of fun, a cute little thing.

But my all time favorite has to be the Double Damn. 

"Damn you're tiny!" followed closely by  "Damn, you're the doctor???"  Without fail, I would burst into  laughter.  The look of sheer surprise on their face was priceless!  My usual answer was "Damn skippy I am".

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2 Responses Feb 7, 2010

LOL yes I did and I didn't care for it! Aaaw, you are too good to me sweet man, I think I'm the lucky one in this relationship :) Mwah!

Hehe, you got the double damn yesterday, didn't you?! May I add a "double damn" to the mix? DAMN YOUR BEAUTIFUL! Damn I'm the luckiest guy on earth :)