How Long Will It Take?

So how long does it take to heal a broken heart? Everyone is different. People tend to go from relationship to relationship without experiencing the feelings of the previous breakup. Confusion, hate, back to loving again, it all swirls into one big pile of steaming sh*t doesn't it. Oh well, the best way is to keep a diary of your journey. That's what I do. Daily, write or type in a journal of your actually feelings.." I miss him, I loathe him, I love him, I hated the way he smelled anyway.." All of that. After a month of writing, see how you actually feel since the first day you wrote. You'd be surprised how differently you feel after a month. This task of course also depends on how long and how intense the relationship was. The best, you will get over this. Important to remember. Forgiveness to your ex partner and to yourself is a key component to experiencing your next healthy relationship. Ok, now get off this computer and make the most of your day!!!! Bye :-)
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3 Responses Jan 18, 2013

Wonderful post, turning the anger into hurt. Then processing the hurt has helped.the more I work on it the better it gets,It will never be the same before discovery and may not survive but I will get better and heal no matter what the outcome ,

Yes, I did that.
I felt really really good after writing my journal and reading them.
I never thought I wrote those words. It's actually oneway of exploring yourself and your inner person. Some men would do the same since its not their nature to express their feelings verbally.

It took 6 months for me to really feel better.
during those months. i wrote a lot of journals.
Even jokes. lol.
I did not listen to senti music for 3 months straight. I disconnected my internet at home for about 7 months, and was just reconected this mo. My flat screen got broken (it fell)so i dont have a t.v. for 7 mo.till now. just my laptop.
I watched gag show on youtube in a cafe, and of course I have to check my mails too.

I buried myself with books and articles about relationships, human nature, marriage, singleness, hurt feelings, and forgiveness. I tried to muse at the BOOK of Psalms -very good book.

And now I am feeilng so much better. And I am back on track. Its liberating!
and today I realized I need not to be rushed. I am feeling much better now.

Wow, I wasn't sure that everyone goes through this. It's so strange to go through this as a man it just seems so out of my element. Yet, I can't ignore the same thoughts. Thanks for sharing.