Define "public"

If you mean "somewhere you might get caught" I've only done it once. I was in a bathroom at a fast-food restaurant, and thought "why not?" So, I whipped it out, so to speak, and went at it right there at the urinal. It was quite a turn on, and I managed to finish up just before someone else came into the bathroom. I quite literally just got it back in my pants when this other young guy walked through the door. I also got started once in a locker room at the gym, but was too worried about getting caught to keep going at it. If you mean "somewhere other than my home", I've done it quite a few times. I'll head into the woods by my house sometimes, drop my pants, and go at it until I leave some DNA on the forest floor. There were also a lot of times that I've done it in bathroom stalls.

b2alasdair b2alasdair
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love to have been in the gym when u were wanking off - id have sucked it for you