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Only Happened Once.

We've only ever had two of her lovers over to our house and only one of them has had sex with her at our house, and yes it was in our bed. She had been seeing him for a while, and it was a fantasy of mine to see her have sex with another man in our bed so she agreed. (Yes I know how lucky I am to have my wife, believe me!)

It was before we had kids so our home was empty and nicely decorated (now there's kids and toys everywhere lol). He was the first man she started swinging with and she chose him from a huge list of guys. He was a great first guy for her and they were very comfortable with each other. He thought it was a little weird to come to our home until we explained it was a fantasy of mine, and you could tell he was nervous from the moment he came in the door. Putting myself in his shoes, I'm sure I would have been a little nervous too, but he soon relaxed and got down to the business at hand.

We made some small talk and all had a glass of wine, and I gave him a tour of the house while my wife went upstairs to change and get ready for him. The tour ended up in our bedroom of course and his prize was waiting for him on our bed. She was dressed in a nice blouse and a short little skirt, and had a very nice bra/pantie/stocking outfit on underneath. She got off the bed and greeted him standing up and gave him a deep kiss. He towers over her and bent down to receive the kiss and cup her *** with both of his large hands.

He then lifted up her skirt and slid one hand around to her front, and she groaned as I could tell he slipped a finger under her panties and inserted it into her *****. She untucked his shirt from his pants and pulled apart his belt, all the while never breaking his kiss. She undid his pants and dropped his underwear and pants to the floor and quickly reached for his **** and began to stroke it. He was fingering her hard now and they began to get off on one another. My wife was still fully clothed as she broke away from his kiss and began to kiss his chest, all the while ******* his **** like a mad woman.

She dropped to her knees and took her bulls **** into her hungry mouth, and looked over at me standing by the door. She pulled his **** out of her mouth and while looking at me, licked his shaft from the tip to his balls, and then took his balls into her mouth and then licked them as well. Then she turned away from me, looked up into his eyes, took his **** back into her mouth, and moaned to him. She was showing me that she belonged to him now, and she was making my fantasy come true. This somehow makes me love her even more when she does these things for me. And the bonus for her is that she gets to enjoy herself at the same time.

She sucked on him for a few minutes and then he pulled her up to him and began to kiss her deeply again. He said it was time to get her undressed and asked her to go and lie on our bed. Here was my wife sitting on our marital bed, and about to let another man make love to her while her husband can only stand there and watch. She lied down on our bed and he slowly removed her skirt, and then her stalkings, and finally her panties. He kneeled down on the floor and began to kiss her feet from the side of the bed. Then it was her legs, then her thighs, then to her *****. She rested her legs on his shoulders as he dove into her *****. After a few minutes my wife came for the first time that night. Even with the windows closed I was worried our neighbors would hear her, but it was too late now.

He then lifted his head up, grabbed her arms and made her bend up so that he could remove her shirt, and then as they kissed again, he removed her lace bra she had just bought just for him. They were now both completely naked, he was still kneeling at the side of the bed, she was sitting up and deeply kissing him while he again fingered her *****. He broke the kiss to start kissing her neck, and she wrapped her hands around the back of his head and pushed his face down to her breasts. He took his time kissing and licking her breasts and her sensitive nipples, and again she came with his fingers deep inside of her and his mouth on her breast.

I was rubbing the outside of my jeans, with a huge hard on underneath, but neither of them paid any attention to me. I could see his hard **** rubbing up against the side of our bed as he began to kiss her again. He was already leaking pre-*** and it was putting a wet spot on the side of the bed sheet. He broke the kiss only for a second as he got up and onto our bed.

Another man was now in my bed, with my wife. It was like watching a *****, starring my wife and some guy. They began to kiss deeply again, and she spread her legs to welcome this man's body, as he fondled her breasts with one hand and positioned his **** at the entrance to her ***** with his other hand. He rubbed his **** up and down her *****, and as he stroked it, his pre-*** provided the lube to separate her ***** lips. I had a strange kind of sick feeling in my stomach, not jealousy, but a kind of submissive feeling, and I watched as the head of his **** found it's way into my wifes *****, and then pulled out and rubbed the outside of her ***** again, and then back in a little further this time and then back out and then finally all the way in. She arched up her hips to meet his thrusts and welcomed his **** into her.

Then she wrapped her legs around him, and her arms around his neck, and they began to make love. I was still fully clothed, and to be honest, not sure if I was going to ***** down or just stand there and watch. He ****** her ***** slowly at first, and then picked up the pace until he was pumping like a piston motor on full throttle. She came on his ****, screaming for him to **** her, digging her nails into his back.

He then slowed after her ******, and they rested for a minute. He had not *** yet, I was amazed. He rolled over and as she was getting on top of him to ride him, my wife finally noticed I was still standing there. Wanting to continue on with my fantasy, she had an idea. She asked me to come over to her and kiss her while she was sitting on her bull and getting ready to ride him. She was hot, sweating actually, and she smelled and tasted of sex, but a different smell, as this was from a different man. She told me to get down at the foot of the bed and watch as she slid her ***** down to touch his ****. She slid down and then rubbed her ***** overtop of his **** and made sure that I got a great view. Her ***** was red, swollen from the ******* it had just received. His **** was again leaking some pre-*** and it occured to me she wasn't going to ask him to wear a condom this time.

She teased his **** with her *****, and at the same time was teasing herself and me. Finally she could take no more and asked me to watch as she reached down and guided his bare **** into her wanting *****. Seeing your wife put another man's **** into her ***** in your own marital bed is something I will never forget. She moaned as his **** slid into her and she asked me to come and kiss her again. As I kissed her, she told me that I was to go and wait outside of our bedroom as she wanted some privacy now, and wanted me to listen and imagine what he was doing to her. I asked about him putting on a condom, and she said they had talked about it and decided that they both didn't want a condom to come between them anymore. She never asked me if that was okay, she just told me that was the way it was going to be from now on. For the first time since being with her, my wife was going to let a man other than her husband unload his *** inside of her *****.  It made my **** stiffen harder than ever before.

As I left the room, she lowered her body onto his and he cupped her breasts and began to kiss her and thrust his **** up into her *****. I shut the door, and sat outside our room and finally took my **** out. I listened to them make love and I could not get that picture of his bare **** entering her out of my head. That feeling of bare skin on skin that they both are experiencing right now must be amazing for both of them. Their pace slowed and I think they changed positons again (she told me after that they changed to a doggie position on the bed). Then that familiar sound as I could tell his **** was back inside of her. My imagination was in overdrive.  Sounds of two bodies mating came from the room.  The bed creaking from his thrusts, the sounds of his skin slapping against hers, the sounds of his very wet **** sliding in and out of my wifes very wet *****, the sounds of heavy breathing and squeals and moans from my wife, and small grunts and moans from her bull.  It was a lot to take in all at once.  Several more minutes went by and their sounds were getting frantic now. I could tell both of them wanted to ***.

She was screaming, almost roaring for him to **** her, and then I could start to hear his panting and groans start to become louder, and gradually I could hear him over my wife's moaning. When he started to cry out "Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh here it comes", I came instantly in my hand, and shortly after he came into my wife. She had now allowed another man to consummate with her in our bed and there was no going back now. No condom was used, and I could tell he didn't pull out. He had taken her and made her his own. My thoughts raced through my head.  With two men ******* her on a regular basis now and filling her ***** with potent *****, would her birth control pills be enough to keep her from getting pregnant?

Several more minutes went by and when I heard giggling and small talk, I entered the room. They were lying naked beside each other, his **** now limp and flopped over against his leg, it smelled heavily of sex in the room, and you could tell both of them had been sweating. It was kind of a strange sight, seeing another man naked in my bed, knowing he had just finished dominating my wife, watching his hand slid up and down her back and onto her hip in a loving way. I crawled up onto the bed and kissed my wife. She was now in the middle and I couldn't help myself, I had to slid a hand down to her leg and then to her *****. She parted her legs for me, and I could see his *** pouring from her *****. He got up and excused himself to the bathroom and I dove in for my first ******** licking.

He came out of the bathroom and watched me lick my wife clean and bring her to another small ******. He crawled up on the bed and gently forced her mouth onto his ****. She obeyed and sucked on him and stroked him back to life. I finished licking her and asked him if he would like her ***** again. He said absolutely and moved around and lifted up her legs to his shoulders and plunged his **** back into her. He wasted no time in pounding her hard and fast and then bent her legs down almost to her head and put all of his weight on her as he pistoned in and out of her and filled her with a second load of *** in just a few minutes. He said he just had to add more to her since I had licked out his first load.

Shortly after, I think he felt a little uncomfortable and got dressed and asked if it was okay if he left. He had a long drive home, and my wife put on a small silk bath robe and walked him downstairs to the door.  Our front door has a large glass window in it, and I could tell they were standing right at the door so a neighbor could have seen them easily if they were looking.  I could hear some whispering and then the sounds of kissing.  My wife dressed only in a small robe, kissing a man for all to see out the front door.  After he left, my wife came back up to our bedroom and I reclaimed my bed and my wife, and we made love gently as she was a little sore, and then we fell asleep.
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super hot

**** that was hot!!!

maaannnn.. its horny.....

"Here was my wife sitting on our marital bed, and about to let another man make love to her while her husband can only stand there and watch." What a delicious thought. Ever since my wife took her young lover into our bed and he ****** her there, I have become obsessed with my wife, not being with another man, but having him **** her in our bed.

Sounds like a sexy encounter, LC. We've found that it really adds heat and excitement for both of us when my wife takes a lover in our marital bed. She's in the change now, but knowing she was fertile with a lover ******* inside her multiple times during the night was sexy beyond belief for both of us. As we learned how much we both liked adding a virile male to our marital bed from time to time, my wife began telling me when she was horny for it, which of course was shortly after her period would end. That's when she'd tell me she was receptive, and I should find her a guy, or should she go ahead and call her long-term lover. Hot stuff!

Beautiful! Though I would have wanted to be in the room with them, kissing her and stroking her hair as the other man ****** her! Personally, I think it is important to reinforce the love bond while another man is ******* her!

I also have had the pleasure of watching amother guy **** my wife in our marital bed and fill her ***** with his ***, which ran out of her ***** and onto our bed sheets. Great to see another mans *** make a wet spot on your sheets.

Even greater to take her yourself afterwards! :-)

Very hot Love the thought and have done so taking another man's wife and shooting deep in her.

Very hot story!

Wow ! what a sexy hot wife you are babe ! you are a lucky lady and hubby is a lucky man as well ! i bet he loves to lick and eat your cream pies from your lover ! oh yeah story, we really enjoyed it.

Your store brings back memories. I ahd a hard time talking my wife into her being ****** by another guy. She kept on saying that she would not enjoy it. Once the other guy got his **** in front of her, she just went wild. After she said that she did not like it at all. I sadi it didn't look that way at all. She said well, I am not sure I did. When can I get ****** by another guy to see if I do like it? I just laughed at her at her, and we both ended up in a good laugh.

Excellent story! Your wife is a perfect ****! It appears that the other man got a lot of excitement out of ******* your wife in front of you. And knowing that he had her in your bed with her legs spread for him.

My god...that was hot!

GD! Maybe one of the hottest desc<x>riptions I ever read on this type action? ******* HOT! I almost felt I was there as i read your story?<br />
<br />
I read so many of these super hot stories, I don;t usually jack off reading them? BUT I DID TO YOUR'S! Thanks for sharing this sizzling hot story? Lucky You!

I love the part when your were staring at hubby while riding on your lovers member! I would love to have wifey stare into my eyes, kiss me deeply and passionately , twist and tug on my nipples and dig her long nails into me while I have my hands tied behind my back during her earth shattering org*sm from her lover! There is something so very special about the woman's curiosity how her hubby is feeling and the look on his face as someone else indulges in what is hubby's and is making her p*ssy his! Then when the bull is done with her, she announces to hubby that her p*ssy is no longer his and that her lover can now have her anytime he wants because her p*ssy is from now on, her lovers exclusively because he is such a good **** and that just felt soo f'ing good as she closes the lock on hubby's chastity device and tells him he will no longer be able to c*me anymore! She would say to hubby "My p*ssy is now his and your d*ck is mine and you are never c*ming again as long as your mine, and I am going to be exclusively his from now on!"

Whew, very hot, That is my dream someday as I am working on my wife slowly. Thanks for sharing.

Glad you enjoyed it at least twice :) And it's all true, that's the way it happened. Good communication beforehand is the way to go, it makes all involved very happy!

that story was worth 2 jerkoffs!!!!!!! i remember my wifes first **** with my nephew woooooww

I have seen my wife fingered and undressed and have seen lovebites on her afterwards I have sucked *** from her **** and had a sloppy seconds **** but have always been told to leave before she was ******. she always said it would upset me too much if I saw how much she enjoyed it

one of the best stories i've read on this site

She had sex with him a few times, they went on a couple of dates without me, and then it fizzled out. He's married and his guilt got the best of him we think, and my wife has no intentions of being a homewrecker so they ended it. He was the perfect first guy for my wife. We know women who have tried this for their husbands, and the first guy was a jerk and they either never tried again, or waited a long time to try again. We were very lucky.

viking71<br />
<br />
In our case M meets him on a regular basis every 3-4 weeks

Awesome story, love all the erotic detail. One major question is whether wifey continued to **** this stud and if so, how often?

A great story not dissimilar to our own, with one exception - I wasn't present. After years of discussing it, my wife has, at last taken a young lover, the real similarity is that she will only take him bareback. He is entirely shaven, and she finds penetration, sex, and their climax fully satisfying with him deep inside. I find her telling me about their time together arousing, but, I'm not sure I want to be there.

love the story, it is unimaginable feeling know your wife being ****** by another man.<br />
our 2nd and 4th child was fathered by other men both of them in our bed.

Very hot story, that must have been an amazing experience!

very hot story.mind blowing

Great story and enjoyable read. That 1st time is always very memorable. I'll never forget the 1st time I watched my wife take another man , maybe because it was the 1st time since we had married.<br />
I also remember seeing herfor the 1st time with other lovers. Always exciting bur, that 1st one is most memorable .<br />
I guess because there were so many questions that were going to be answered..<br />
<br />
Thanks for sharing

Wonderful story, thanks for sharing! Never could get my ex to do this... maybe with my next wife!

Update: now divorced, I have a girlfriend who does this all the time. Last night I watched closely as she ****** three different men, and licked, sucked and fondled a few more,and was so horny from watching it all that I ****** her for another hour myself.

That was so hot. Great story. Lucky guy.

As you said, watching your wife being ****** by another man in your marriage bed is the most exciting ****. Your wife was great at including you in her experience, even as she enjoyed it herself. Her choreographing of the way she was taken in your bed must have heightened the experience for you. She included such nice touches as kissing you between times they changed position, making sure you saw how she had you watch as she guided his **** into her ****. It was even hot the way she made you leave, so you had to listen to them *******, and visualize him ******* her. She is a fantastic wife. <br />
<br />
I assume you slept on the same sheets stained with their juices after you reclaimed her.

lovely story wish i could relate

Made me feel very submissive halfjob2. And yes my wife describes in great detail what her lovers feel like and do to her. All in all, it's great fun!

Very hot indeed. I'll never forget the first time I watched my wife.

Thank you. I wanted to describe the experience as best I could for those husbands out there wondering what it would be like to try something like this. It has to be the right person, otherwise it won't be enjoyable for everyone.

Great story. The first time you see another man claim what is yours is a humbling yet magical moment that will be imprinted on your mind forever.