Wife Watching Me ********** With Her Panties

My wife enjoys that I wear panties and enjoys how turned on I get seeing her wearing them. She loves to rub them against her **** and even has stuffed them a few times inside her and had me pull them out with my teeth. She loves to watch me wrap a pair of her panties around me and stroke and enjoys when I slide them on and she can see the outline of my hard on through them. I enjoy her telling me what to do while I am wearing panties, she will often tell me to slowly but lightly rub my hand over the front of my panties and then she will see I am getting close and tell me to stop. She will continue doing this while just watching, sometimes she has to fight the urge to come over and help me but she enjoys watching so she just stays about 4 or 5 feet away so she cannot reach over and help. I love her telling me what to do while wearing her panties and she loves to make me and watch me explode inside them. Check our our profile for more about us.
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1 Response Mar 23, 2011

My wife loves to watch me put lotion inside my panties and slide it side to side 'till I explode inside of the panties.