Mistress Jasmine Rocks!!!

Hello everybody.
Since I am "co"-creator of this experience, Mistress Jasmine obviously the vision behind the school, i thought it was prudent for me to update all of you to where things are at. Our initial attempt at holding an online class didn't go so well. Understandably so, considering how difficult it remains to find a day and time when everybody might attend. Mistress remains extremely busy, as well as myself. But that doesn't mean the School does not exist and stand to serve all of you, with whatever you might need to explore, discuss, or share with fellow members. I encourage you all to post stories of your experiences if you wish. If you seek mentorship of some type, please let me know, or let it be known to the general group. If any of you wish to learn more behind my personal take on submission and slavery, contact me and i will be more than happy to go over the Prime Code, Dominance/submission, and anything else i might be able to offer.

This place exists as a communal forum, for the exchange of ideas, thoughts, dreams, hopes... as well as somewhere people can discuss the reality of who we are as individuals, and how we can best maintain the Happiness that We all desire in Our day to day existence.

My service unto Mistress Jasmine has come to a time of transition, as She has allowed me to pursue the variety of paths that intrigue me as a "curious" individual. My name has changed, but i am forever indebted to Mistress Jasmine for all that She has done to help me find more about exactly who "me" is. My new profile name, accurately represents me as an individual. Just recently, I went through a lot of negative experiences that would have provided me with an "easy-out", a way to revert back to a cynical outlook that i used to maintain during some of the unhappiest times of my life. But through EP and the work that I have done with Mistress Jasmine, my resolve to be a productive, happy individual, who wants to give in life rather than get, remains steadfast and strong.

I would love to hear from You All. And thank-You for being members of this forum.

Sincerely, with faith in all of You,

johnnybliss johnnybliss
41-45, M
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I would also like to know, if you know much about the Gorean Lifestyle ??<br />
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That is how we live..........Master Giley is my Master and if you want to reply to this question, please contac him---I am the Slave, not the Master, so it is Master Giley who you must speak to.....<br />
Thank you Sir..<br />
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