8/24/ 14 Whenever there is a storm off the coasts of Florida~ we are invaded by jellyfish. I came to Fl. in 1972, yeah many moons ago. I had never seen a jellyfish. My son was about 7 y/o. He wanted to see the beach ( new experience for him). My sister and I packed him up and took him to the seashore. He dashed out of the car and zoomed down to the beach. There had been a storm the day before but none of us knew the dangers of jellyfish. As my son ran to the shore, he spotted a huge tangle of seaweed. With child like abandon he dived into the center of the of the mass of seaweeds. Suddenly we heard the unmistakable screams of a child in horrible pain. I raced to rescue and pulled my kid from the grip of the seaweed. He was screaming that it hurt. I saw his skin was covered with what looked like gummy strings of broken worms. It was then we realized the "seaweed" was actually a knot of jellyfish blown into the shore. They were still stinging his bare skin. I tried to rip the strings off only to be stung myself. I grabbed handfuls of wet sand and rubbed the rest of the strings off. He was still howling in pain so we raced him to the lifeguard stand and screamed for help. The lifeguard doused his flesh with regular undiluted household ammonia. They said it would pull the venom from the skin. We still had to take him to the emergency room. He was given medicine for the pain and recovered pretty fast. They told us the ammonia was the best thing we could have put on the stings. Many people that go to our beaches a lot carry ammonia in their car. It was a very frightening lesson. I heard today on our local news there is a lot of jellyfish washing up on the beaches due to the storms of late. I guess the stores will have a run on ammonia . So if you come to Fl. and go to the beach after a storm....pack a bottle of ammonia~ just to be safe. mini There is another note here. Fire ants are a big problem here too. If you have the misfortune to get bitten by a FIRE ANT.... soak the area with plain old undiluted household bleach. Like ammonia it pulls the venom from the skin. It really works~ I know. I hope all your trips to the beach are uneventful. Most especially if it's a beach here in Fl. Sunshine and calm tides. mini
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I must be watching different news over here as I heard that household vinegar would also work for Jellyfish stings. It showed the lifeguards with a gallon or better of it beside them in their lookouts. It looked like white vinegar to me. Personally I would like vinegar better then ammonia as I could not stand the smell of ammonia.
But since I am not much of a beach purrsen and I will NOT go into the ocean I doubt I will ever meet up with a smellyfish. And if I did, I would be packin' Pnutbutter along with a loaf of bread.

I should SAY that was frightening, min! Love to you and Sonny Boy.
This was interesting, gal. Thanks for posting it. oxo

Ammonia! How cool, very good to know Mini. Bless your son, learning the hard way. ;-(
Every year I once went to Clearwater and then across to Daytona. There were so many jellyfish on the Daytona beach it was frightening. I like the gulf better anyway. For fire ants... yes, I have been stung/bitten by one. omg ..yes, it was painful.