Jacking Off While Wearing Full Brief Nylon Panties

Started out wearing mom's pantyhose; moved on to her panties.  I was 12 years old at the time (1974).

I would wear her full brief nylon panties, while stroking the outside with another pair of panties.  I used to get off checking out the lingerie models in the Sears and Montgomery Wards catalogs.  Started jacking off by moving my panty-clad **** back and forth on my sheeted mattress (approx. 14 years old/1976).  Soon thereafter, I starting wearing my stepmonster's (lol) panties.  Then my four sister's, cousin's, neighbor's, best friend's mom + sister's panties. 

I didn't "come out" about my proclivity for full brief, nylon panties until my second wife.  She was never really into it and just tolerated my fetish.  My girlfriend after my second marriage had me sharing right away BEFORE getting too serious.  Lisa was game for just about anything I wanted to try: both of us making love dressed in vintage lingerie (garter belt and stockings, corsets, heels and, of course (!), full brief, nylon panties.  Some times we would both get into a gynormous pair of panties--at the same time!--pulling our panties aside so we could stay dressed while *******.  Sometimes I would wear like ten or twenty panties---at the same time--and she would lick and stroke my ****, slowly pulling down one at a time.  By the time she had slobbered through so many pair of full brief nylon panties, I would "lose it" and throw a load onto her extended tongue, keeping eye contact from start to finish.

I've got tons of more TRUE stories with Lisa and Erin, (another girlfriend after Lisa).

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May 13, 2010