Gets Addicting

I'll never forget the first time i milked with another cd....i was on yahoo I and he was caming, i got really horney looking at his **** in satin panties as he rubed it.....finally he asked me to show him my ****. i went to my panty drawer and got out   really hot thong and cami.....i plugged the cam in and saw myself in the cam window.....i was making m self horney just watching both of us on our cams......i made my status available and eventually had 10 others watching me and telling me what they wanted to see me do...i went over the line and milk shot after about 5 minutes.........i  shut the cam down and got offline kinda shaking from the whole experience....about an hour later i went back online and found another panty boi to cam with, we even did audio which is another level of excitement. i have regulars i cam with now and i milk at least once a week won cam.....

jazzboi jazzboi
51-55, M
1 Response Feb 11, 2010

Oh yes!! I have done that many times about 4 years ago and loved it so much, so much fun and pleasure. But my Wife caught me and that was the end of the cam. She supports me crossdressing, but not playing with others. I miss seeing others and I miss the pleasure of ************ on cam with them.