Sunshine On My Shoulders

There are a number of songs which John Denver recorded that I absolutely adore; but this one - more so than anyother about the great outdoors or mountains, or any of that stuff, which tells you just how much he loved country living. This and Follow Me are, I think, my two favourite Denver songs.

It's a soulful one - and the words from the soul say so much about how he wanted to share the fresh air, the scenery, the views with us all. Sinc it first showed up on Poems, Prayers and Promises; a wonderful album, Sunshine has appeared on more than 20 different releases - live, compilation etc. It's one he played a lot and one everyone wanted to hear.

If I had a song that I could sing for you,
I'd sing a song to make you feel this way.

I learned to play guitar in the late 60's and from there on was always on the listen for folk, blues, country pickers and players who I could listen to and play along with. Denver was one of my heroes in the 70's and, funnily, it was Denver's version of Fire And Rain which got me listening to James Taylor! John has such a range, and expression in his voice - and the boy could play too. I never got to see him live sadly - he was on TV here in the UK many many times, but filled big stadia when he did tour and at my age; getting to a concert like that was just out of reach.  I still listen to his albums. And I will, here and there, either back friends who can do the vocal way more justice than I can; or have a stab myself at open mike nights.
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46-50, M
Aug 1, 2010