Sneaked In To Listen

When I was a young child i used to sneak into my brothers room to listen to his 8-track tapes. My favorite was John Denver Rocky Mountain High. As soon as I earned enough money i bought the record. I was hooked! I think I own every record, and then bought the cassettes, then most of the CD's too.  An old friend used to tell me that "someone other than John's mother had to love him!" lol

I also have several movies that he was in..."John Denver and the Muppet's Christmas", "Let This Be a Voice", "Foxfire" and "The Christmas Gift". Has anyone else got movies?

One of my favorite CD's is "John Denver's Train Songs" and I used to play it at the day care I worked at.

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1 Response Feb 6, 2010

I also love John Denver. Was sad when he passed away. Country Road was one of my favorites from him.....I do own John Denver and the Muppet Christmas, always a sucker for Kermit :) Thank you for sharing!!!!!