Lay By

The other day l went to the layby in a pair of plastic pants and a pair of short shorts. l went through the hedge into the woods and stood there looking round. My **** was slightly hard and showed up in my shorts. There was a chap looking and he came up to me, smiled and started to stroke my **** which made my 5 inches really stiff. He led me into the undergrowth and asked me what l like. l said l liked to be wanked off from behind so l can feel a hot throbbing **** between my bum cheeks. He turned me round and told me to bend over after undoing my shorts. He then slowly pulled my plastic pants down and pushed 2 fingers up my well lubricated bottom. l moaned with pleasure. His hand came round and grasped my throbbing **** and he proceeded to **** me off. l could feel his had 6 inches pushing its way up my bum which felt good and he slowly started working in and out. Wow!!

l told him l was about to *** when suddenly l felt his **** pulsing and pumping his hot *** up my bum. There must nave been loads of it as it was pumping for what seemed a long time. Slowly his **** went soft and he pulled out, pulling my plastic pants back up and then my shorts. *** was leaking from my bum into my plastic pants and l moaned with pleasure. He smiled and then left. What a lunch break that was. Next time l will wear my nappy as well.
johnconroy johnconroy
61-65, M
Sep 14, 2012