Well I Finally Did It!!

Last Thursday while i was in town i went into the ladies only gym to enquire about membership and ended up joining there and then, it's something I've been wanting to do for a long time but always made an excuse not to, usually money, but i guess i also felt kind of uncomfortable, exercise has mostly been something I've done in private so the idea of a room full of strangers made me uncomfortable but now i realise we're all there for the same thing and not everyones going to be some super fit athletic type lol, so i signed up and I've already been twice and i love it, still hate the cross trainer but the treadmill, rowing machines and bikes are brilliant and i love the leg press and abdominal crunch machines and of course theres the sauna and steam room for afters (fave bit lol).  I used to use the gym at my local leisure centre but i didnt feel comfortable at all there, it was mixed so you had guys in there working out and the staff always gave me the impression that they were looking down at you, almost like "well I'm fit why are'nt you" kind of attitude which really put me off.  I have the first of three meetings with a personal trainer this friday and I'm actually looking forward to it :)

phoenixdragon88 phoenixdragon88
31-35, F
Feb 24, 2010