My Adopted Vacant Profile

I wrote him for the first time today and though it sort of felt like talking to a grave, it felt safe. It's like opening up to someone with no fear really, it was really awesome and freeing in a way. I'm going to keep writing him and if he comes back and reads all thousands of the pm's well good for him. If not it doesn't really matter because either way I am saying things I wouldn't normally say to anyone else not even my closest friends. So in the end this stranger who has seemingly disappeared will know more about me than any of you.
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Just wondering how long you kept doing this? Did he ever write back?

No he has never written back but I'm still doing it. It's actually pretty cool. Like you are talking to someone who completely listens and never judges you.

Reminds me of that movie where someone talks to someone in a coma and it turns out they were listening the whole time.

Would you like to adopt one Frosty? If you go over to Ellie's story there are a list of empty profiles for you to choose from. Just let either her or I know which one so that we can mark it as adopted :)

Sounds like a good idea,maybe i should make a profile,add a few expreiences and what not and then dont use it for a few months.

haha yeah but this is better, we won't hear any weird noises coming from the other side

Wtf are you?

It is Ellie's idea ;) pretty good eh? Cute dog avi lol

HAHA omg I'm drunk

.... MOM!?!?

Because they haven't been on for a year or mom

Cuz they havent been there since 2007, it says! <br />
<br />
Just go to the 'people' tab and search for a random member, it usually comes up with an abandoned profile first.

Ooooooo!!!! I found one guys!!!<br />
<br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank">EP Link</a><br />
<br />
Isn't she CUTE!?!? She hasn't been on since December 2007!!!! Thats like, before I ever HEARD of this place!!!

If you look on Ellie's confessions she made one about it. There is a list there.

Someone who hasn't been on in a long time. Mine hasn't been on in over a year

You mean just find someone who hasn't been on and write them all of your innermost secrets?

LOL They eat plants

You go girl!

lol!!!! I want to adopt an abandoned profile!!! What do abandoned profiles eat?

It is Angel... You should do it too hun!!

Haha I know right?? It's like having someone who understands everything.

LOL Nope you only have to write it.

Okay, I just want to know where the hell you get one now? Do I have to feed it, clothe it or sleep with it are my next questions....