Dad Would Be Proud

I had wanted to join  since reading about the club in the  Penthouse  Forum in college.I was not to be initiated until 1993 at the  age of 46 while flying cross country  with my then girlfriend who was to become my  wife.

We were flying home from the funeral of my father. Naturally,I was conflicted on the flight across the country. Having sex while in mourning seemed disrespectful  On Mhe other hand, i wanted that club and after a sad and  stressful week, I needed to loosen my load. .And when would i get the opportunity again? My future wife was known to more than occasionally **** me 5x a day, or wake me up doing squat thrusts on my ****.

In the end, I joined. It was close vote, with the tie breaker cast by my crotch  It wasn't memorable, but I was in the club and inside my future wife. Coach bathrooms are hardly love nests. The only thing memorable was the angry stares from the line  outside as we exited.

 I guess we had taken longer and    weren't as quiet as I   thought.
WyattDuFuque WyattDuFuque
66-70, M
Jan 13, 2013