I Think This Is The Best Place To Find People Who Understand You And...

I think this is the best place to find people who understand you (people who have experienced the same thing like you did) and... it is also a great website to gain new insights and to share my own insights with other people.
I think it is simply fascinating that everyone has their own point of view and that my points of view can't always be the same like other people. I love to try to understand other people their point of views. i love to gain 'people knowledge'. I don't know how else to call it: the why's that people do the what's. i hope u know what I mean :/ People do what works, people do the things from their own point of view. I love to read how people think about so many different subjects. i never get bored on this website. However, I STILL al WAITING for the staff to fix my Experiences section on my profile because new joined experiences still don't show up on my profile, except for the ones I created myself, which is weird..
Anyways, I just wanted to say this website is simply awesome :D
AngelicLights AngelicLights
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Yes it's true. it's also an education. I hear people say when people get older, they will gain more and more 'people knowledge', but here on EP it doesn't matter how old we are to gain 'people knowledge' LOL

From one angel to another I agree with what you wrote. It is both fascinating and a way of venting to be on this website. It is also an education.<br />
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