I thought I wanted some input on a unique problem I am having. I see a lot of posts about girls being approached by perverts and people being very hurt by getting blocked from people they thought they had a connection with and there was no explanation why. Due to that, I don't think this is a safe space to share… trolls.
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2 Responses Aug 16, 2014

I am really sorry you have found it a bad experience. The Safety is in the anonymity like outlander said and in all honesty it's much better to meet bad people here rather than in person on a street corner or in church.

It is, it has to be.
Why? because we can tell the world what happened to us, but, and this is the important bit. We can hide in our own nightmares.
To tell our stories without telling everyone who we are exactly. we remain invisible, and safe. I am "0utlander" and that`s all anyone needs to know.

In relation to the brackets, sorry way over my head. As you say if I wanted I could, or someone could, find out who you are. As the saying goes"it`s you life".
I mean no disrespect by that. We all have to live our lives in a way we are "happy". Not the best choice of words but to the best we can in what life has thrown at us through-out our formative years.
Whatever you decide I wish you the best and hope you and yours are as happy as you all can be.
Enjoy this life, you don`t know what the next one`s going to be.