I can be who I really am deep-down. I love black women, but they tend to not like me. It's not common to come across a Black man that's a true voyeur. A Black man that enjoys seeing his woman please other men behind closed doors. They all say the same thing.. "How can you say that you love me if you can enjoy seeing me with another man?"

I was just born this way so I figure God had to make someone that's just right for me. My position is really in no category. I'm not bi or gay, I'm not lacking in endowment, I'm not submissive or being verbally Humiliated.

I've tried dating strippers, but that's not my type of woman. I like the everyday white collar woman. My dream woman is under the radar. Respectable in every since of the word in public. She's the type that sings in the choir and likes doing volunteer work. She's shy, funny and everyone thinks she's a jewel.

Behind closed doors she an entirely different person. Around the house and on vacation she dresses like an erotic Goddess.
blackstr8cuckold blackstr8cuckold
41-45, M
Aug 17, 2014