This site helps me write my thoughts and share it with an audience. On FB or any other social networking sites where people like or dislike your posts coz they know you and already have an opinion about you so whatever you post is already being judged on your personality. You may make sense or non sense it doesn't matter and you would probably never get realistic comments or opinions.

I expect to get some realistic comments/opinions here coz people here do not know me & my personality. They only know what I want them to know about me whether it's good thing about me or a bad thing about me & just coz I think it's a good thing they may not think so and vice versa for bad things.

I call myself useless here some people may agree with me, Some may not & some wouldn't care but no one would be judgmental (hopefully) ..

I hope this helps me get some of my lost confidence back and I would be glad if I am able to help some individual here regain some Lost confidence too..
uselessguy uselessguy
36-40, M
Aug 18, 2014