Weight Watchers Points Plus

I joined a week ago and I'm already struggling! it's hard because there is no way to know how many points something has unless it's written in the book or you calculate it with a calculator... it's really annoying and I'm supposed to have 26 points a day and it's hard!!
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Jus do best you can

its easier to find online diet plans with the points already calculated.
i know at least one hospital posts weekly diet plans.
more important than calculating your intake, is to weigh and take measures regularly and write them down, and chart them (on excel or something like it).
that way, you can easily spot the tendency - going down, going up, steady - and correct!
also, don't give in to binges and never miss a single exercise session!
good luck ^^

I have a dear friend whose mother created WW. She has often tried to get me to encourage patients to attend. I know I lost the weight myself. Many need the weekly weighing, and pep rally's. I get where you are coming from with the point system. They do have books with recipes and everything has a number of points already calculated. Google it, it may offer help.

The Thing I found that actually works... is learning & understanding Caloric Intake & carbs & proteins and stuff and then just being sure to NOT ALWAYS BE IN DEPLETION. That is where u are ALWAYS consuming less Calories then u put out. this is COMMON MISTAKE for Dieting. It puts the body into Storage mode since it thinks food is scarce. thus Crashing ur Metabolism!! There's also alot of good info I have regarding how to activate your metabolism by eating the right TYPE of food at the right Time! Which is important... see I lost 50lbs over the summer and I hardly left the house or excersized and i've more energy & better endurance. All in the diet.

well the first thing you will do add some friends and share some stories happen to you and it doesnt need to name them but just talk about the past or currents event in your life.Or anything find amusing or irritating too.