Last year in August I got extremely sick. So sick that I passed out in a grocery store and ended up in the hospital. They said I was just dehydrated. Gave me some fluids and sent me home. Back in February I started passing out again so I went to my doctor and they said I just need to drink more😒 so I started drinking more and I was still passing out. I went and saw a neurologist and a cardiologist and they said I had vasovagal syncope. Well it wasn't vasovagal syncope. So I went back to the doctor and the did a orthostatic test and my blood pressure dropped 12 points from lying down to sitting up. They put me on some meds and that was helping a lot!! But I went to see a endocrinologist and they took me off of my meds to do more tests in a week. I am miserable without my meds. I have a severe headache and I am lightheaded. Does this sound like pots???
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Does your Heart race when you walk???

The big test that would show if you had POTS is seeing your heart rate change from sitting to standing... How do you know about POTS? Most people don't know what it is

I agree. I had to travel to a different state to be diagnosed! It's rediculous.