What Is The Road Of Life

To each it’s different

To each it’s a battle

Some walk alone others with companions

Some do their very best, others could care less

To me the road of life is but a never ending journey
We wake up we sleep we rise again
Each day this occurs we walk this battlefield of life

We are many things and so little at the same time
Some of us are strong and some are weak
Some are leaders and some are followers

But remember this on this road of life
No matter how your road looks
No matter how hard your path seems
There is always someone else walking a longer harder road then thee
Though you may be caught up in all your paths little ideosecrency’s
You may have walked a path your neighbor now walks
You have the right to ignore and pay attention to only the path before you
But you have a choice to help your neighbor if you have anything to lend
To lend your knowledge and your strength
To open a little bridge between your path and there’s
You may just be surprised to see that though you think your path is more advanced
Maybe they are lived the path your on and they can help you.
That’s the give and take the ebb and flow
The way that life remains in a circle of creation.
You walk your path I’ll walk mine
But there will always be a bridge between you and me
anamikanta anamikanta
Dec 13, 2012