Some People Talk The Talk, But Don't Walk The Walk

I'm sure you've met them too.  They talk a great story.  They are totally sympathetic to you and your concerns... they seem to be 100% (or nearly) compatible with you.  And I don't just mean in love... I mean in a lot of things... in your political or social beliefs... their beliefs and attitudes seem to be right there in mesh with yours.

And then...

It might start slowly or suddenly.... you notice that what they actually DO does not seem to be compatible with what they say....

Perhaps they SAY they are without any racial prejudice... but you notice they love to tell racial jokes.....

Or maybe they SAY they are 100% in favor of equality for women... but they talk over you and your friends and only seem to value the opinions of other men....

Or maybe they say they are open minded and value the thoughts and opinions of others... but when someone disagrees with them, SLAM, they shut the door in that person's face.....

Yeah... they say their intentions are good.... BUT ... what are their actions?

Personally, I don't care what you say your intentions are... or your beliefs are... or your opinions are...

I will judge you by your actions.

SaratogaGirl SaratogaGirl
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4 Responses Jun 28, 2011

I just do not agree with you, do you care? :) <br />

Thank you.<br />
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This was brought home to me when a person who seemed to agree with my political and social views not only allowed, in one of his Experience strings, an vicious biting ad hominem attack on a woman by a bigoted, misogynist man, but then refused to allow her to rebut the repulsive attack. All this by a person who claimed to be a feminist, claimed to welcome debate, and claimed to be open to dissenting ideas. Right.

Yes, the "do as I say not as I do" mentality is alive and well, isn't it. Personally, I, like you, try to be as open as possible to people, even those with whom I disagree. Live and let live is a good motto, as is, Easy Does It.

Good point Sara. I have met quite a few people in my life that are hypocrites and become very closed minded even though they claim to be non-judgmental. I am generally a live and let live person unless I see someone hurting another person in some way but there are some people that no matter what you do they are going to have a problem with it. They get off somehow trying to rule other peoples' lives but think rules do not apply to them. I just don't understand it and wonder if I ever will. **hugs**