Yes I Did.

yea this naughty boy did it again this morning. I actually  pooped and peed in my undies. I made a video of it and stayed messy for 2 hours. About an hour into my fun I had to go again and gave a slight push and  felt another nice healthy medium brown colored load of soft mushy poop fill my already very messy underpants and sweatpants. Oh man I felt so warm and fuzzy inside when i pooped my pants. Kinda like a little kid who couldnt get to the bathroom in time, but upon pooping his pants finds out he is turned on by the dirty feeling of it. Well today i'm probably on load number 2000 or so and I never get tired of it.

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4 Responses Mar 7, 2010

Can u send me the vidio via email???

video? :) post it on youtube or something? tell me wat to search

Awesome & amazing story!! I Love those hot creamy mushy dumps in my pants too & in public! I love the rush! I have pooped in front of male cashiers & ugly bitchy female ones too! Fun reactions!

Dude, I did the same thing today, only I did it in public.....I put on 2 pairs of underwear and went to Best Buy and browsed around the game section and finally unloaded a HUGE softball size load of hot mushy poop...I walked around for quite a while and a couple of guys smelled it and looked at me and laughed, but I didnt care...I love the way it it was really big and sagged my pants...I finally left and eased my *** down on my seat and felt it squish every which way, and move around my balls. Lets just say cleanup was pretty bad but oh what a great feeling.