Sudden Loud Noises Scare The Heck Out Of Me

I always jump at loud, unanticipated (well, even sometimes anticipated) noises. Anything from car horns, to fire alarms, to balloons popping will all send me jumping higher than an olympic pole vaulter on the moon. I've always been this way, I suppose to an extent it's just part of my wiring. Other people in my family are this way too, but to me it has lead to a full-blown phobia about loud noises.

One activity I found has helped with this phobia is target shooting. Guns can be loud when fired, and if you're at a range with other people, you'll no doubt be hearing a lot of unanticipated gunshots. This is nice, though, because it allows for gradual desensitization. It gives you a unique environment where there are times where you're in control of the loud noise, and other times not in control. It gives you the best of both worlds. You can get closer and closer to the actual shooting range as your comfort level allows, and the hearing protection helps you get accustomed to the noise of an unexpected gunshot from down range. Grab an understanding friend who owns a gun and won't mind if you need to back out a few times, head on down to the range, and have fun!
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Hi do u get jump scares with coughs and sneezes etc.

If somebody makes a disturbing sound on a periodical basis, daily, it sensitizes us. Initially we do not respond to it. But if it is done every day, in a systematic manner, 3-10 times a day, (for 30 min each time ) our mind gets sensitized. After 3 years of regularly hearing this, we become disturbed and start avoiding the sound. It is a psychological trick.

This happens to me and it is for me an invisible symptom of multiple sclerosis.

I feel the same way about loud noises! (in fact, I blogged about it! I never thought about shooting guns or doing something else loud to combat it--what a great idea!!

I've been afraid of loud noises for years if not my whole life and I always felt alone until now, even when I expect it I get scared and have thought about ways to get rid of the fear cause now as I grow up I find it annoying and embarrassing when a car horn beaps, someone talks loudly, something drops, anything like that and I jump.

Somtimes I'll be by myself in a room and I'll hear someone walk in but as soon as whoever walked in starts talking I'll jumb back and usually scream. Usually it's like an instant adrenalin rush and my heart beats so fast it almost hurts.

Hello, I've joined this club, too! Loud noises makes me very nervous, especially ones I am not expecting. I do not know of anyone who owns a gun, however, my husband used to be a sniper in the Army, and I suppose he could help me with my fear....... I guess I know what to get for his birthday!! lol

me too! it's nice to know I'm not alone. I don't know anyone else that reacts to the noises like I do. It sucks to be alone on this. and quite embarrassing.