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I know its strange but i often tend to jump into a bad mood more than a good mood, i'd probably class myself as in a bad mood and a neutral mood before good/happy mood, I almost think that i just need to be in a bad mood, i have a lot of triggers that can turn my mood instantly, an half of those triggers will be pointless if i got angry and hit my way to a solution and the others are from people who have put me in that bad mood, as my temper is mainly triggered by peoples inability to think, do their jobs or tasks the way they should or just stupid things they have done or said. This will instantly trigger my bad mood and its not like i get all angry i just become quiet. Im generally a quiet person who was raised with the view "if you dont have anything good to say dont say anything at all" but when its triggered ill be dead quiet ill have the death stare eyes and i will just want to be alone. Nothing but time can change my mood, normally if i got to sleep i will wake up fine there have only been a few occasion where i have woken up still as pissed off as when i went to bed. I like my angry mood although i never take it out on people i do vent my words in the car on the trip home as i find that screaming at people is just pointless and what is worse is that most of them will just keep saying stuff that makes you more angry, i tend to link foul language as a sign of poor intelligence. We all use these words etc however in a heated moment i tend to think when your in an argument with someone and they can only use swear words to verbally attack you that their brains are under developed to challenge their views with past precedence's etc. I love being challenged and peoples stupidity however sets my bad mood for the day.

However on the opposite end of the stick like i said i feel like most of the times im in a neutral mood, but when im in a rare good mood that is normally triggered by the most random things, I find the environment to help set me in a good mood, i hate hot weather and i love the colder weather thus come winter time im always a little happier, for example its currently very stormy and windy atm here in melbourne the wind coming off the ocean and the mild temperature is making me joyful i love life although i tend to be angry and these outside factors are comfort factors making me generally happy as i really appreciate the world.

Random acts of niceness are another thing that turns my moods around, for example one morning i was on my way to the airport for work and as i always get there early as being punctual is a big thing for me i stopped to have breakfast in a small set of shops, i grabbed an ice tea and just wanted simple toast with a spread on it, I went up to the counter a place of which had mainly a set menu and grab and go style selection, i approached the lady who was asian with a strong asian accent, I explained what i wanted and she was more then happy to make two bits of toast with butter and the spread on top, she was a little confused that that is the only thing i wanted on it however she was very particular to make me happy, her co-work im sure was her husband was cooking the days food in preparation. While i was waiting for it too cook she was asking about my day i had planned etc. I tend to find this very intrusive although i am aware people do it to act nice especially in the hospitality industry i could tell she was generally interested, I explained my day to her while her husband came out and gave me samples of what he had cook to which were delightful. I continued talking to the pair until my breakfast was done, i paid the lady and left them a generous tip as it was already really cheap but also the experience was wounderful, so while i was driving to the airport eating my toast i couldnt bare it she put so much on it that it was burning my mouth, i ate what i could and threw out the rest. Although i didnt fully eat what i wanted to i was so happy by the people in the world who show such niceness that i have not been in such a good mood like that in years.
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i can relate to you the simplist things can make me go from in a okay mood to angry. Even someone saying something to try and be nice can effect my mood in a negative way.