Not As Bad As I Used To......

I used to swing my moods at the drop of a thought.... Now is just stressful situations, like right now.... House has drainage issues, I have dealt with this way too much.... Sister is concerned for herself only, and prefers to work against me as an enemy than with me as a friend..... The duo her and her boy also prefer to work against than with. I think her boy doesn't like me.... Isn't it weird when someone is insecure so they don't like you, they try to get you to look like a dumbass by treating you like crap till you say or do something that "justifies" their action...... Well I don't even give the looser that but he still insists he don't like me.... I can only imagine his reasons are the stupid little fights me and my sister have had in the past..... He reminds me of a caveman...... Ummm other things that influence me, the crumbling economy, when I feel inefficient.... LoL money..... This economy really makes me sad :-(
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1 Response Dec 17, 2008

Thank you! That means a lot. I agree wih you, he seems to only be able to really like someone or hate them so I guess its in his nature to be dramatic.... I hardley notice him, the more I interact with him the more bipolar he is. I just laugh and hope my sisters karma with this guy isn't too painful... I hope she doesn't come running to me when things go bad.... If they do. Because unlike them I don't play little games and form friendships to win.... I just want to know people who accept me for who I am. Because its hard enough for me to do that myself. I will never get into a relationship because I feel weak alone... Using another person to cover up my insecurities is pointless. I tried that with the last guy I dated, he used my weaknesses to control my heart.... Lame... And never again.. Thanks for reading :-)