Sexuality And Beliefs

I know - I know - I know - a lot of people shaking their heads.. I am back.
I guess there is so much "out there" that I feel strong about and must comment. But I like the chat windows shutdown though - kinda yes and not . anyways I digress again.

I saw a interesting comment and I will cryptically quote to not reveal the source or person

"If it is consentual, I do not see a reason why people should not live the way they want to. I still have faith in god and believe the (insert favorite religion) is a good religion. I do not support its stringent ideals/agenda against people with different viewpoints on sexuality."

WOW - I was blown away........

Either try to be religious or don't. Either follow a religion or don't. Either continue in a religion of your parents (most of us do) or find something that you sincerely seek. Or lastly, not seriously but a logical option, create your own.

If I were to hypothetically submit to the humor of creating a religion (which I don't) I would call it Contemplative Debauchery...

Getting back to the story...

Our friends at Oxford dictionary define Religion as "the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods"

What amazes me, as my newest friend Indulgentego tirelessly professes, that the ego is so indulgent in its desires that everything, is according to his/her whim and fancy. Even when we think of the super natural, or higher being, deity or God.

Man/woman is so much in a "heedless state" that he cannot see who he/she is, does not know the powers that shape/rule/govern this universe. We are just self obsessed with our own personal "inclinations". The little whispers of the ego tell us to take ourselves as an Absolute frame of reference.

Now this frame of reference (dangerously so) establishes a criteria for right and wrong. So the tinted outlook of the world that we have becomes the way we look at Everything. And in this process, we start to judge a religion and every thing else.

I know this is a little heavy - but when I read somethign so stark with the quote I started - I cannot stop myself to cry out to tell people - Wake up and smell the coffee - the world does not revolve around you.
Thank God for Galileo....

So when one is Totally immersed and in tune with the ego, then the ugliest manisfestation of this comes out when one starts to blatantly question the moral authority of a (insert favorite religion) system of belief.

Anyhooo - enough of that - now where is the sex chat I was looking for? LoL....
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3 Responses Dec 20, 2011

I enjoyed taking in your post. I am rather new here. Trying to find a my true direction in life. Been mired in a long relationship more like having a room mate then a wife. Kids are grown, it is time to move on, but I'm so damned comfortable here in many ways. Perhaps I am just missing a little something? Your thoughts on religion are pretty much spot on. A creation of man really to keep all in check, through fear mostly. Who knows what the meaning of the cosmos is? I was thinking why was I born to this body? Is it part of a master plan or just here you go and then there you go at death? Questions that can only be answered by some sort of faith at the moment. So what keeps most of us from just doing whatever the hell we want? I am trying to figure that out right now. I am responding here, because your post does get me thinking and I appreciate that.

Welcome back Stag. That "I am leaving EP" story wasn't very nice, but I am still glad you didn't quit. Love the bromance by the way! *snicker* maybe he will keep you out of touble.

Why, we are having fun. A.d both of u have such handsome avi's

Blowing raspberry

Thank the gods you weakened and returned. You have way too many interesting things to say to abandon those of us in this joint. It would be unconscionable. <br />
<br />
The thing about religion is that a lot of it is bullshit, reflecting people's prejudices and hatred. But I am with you 100% on the notion that we should not just look inside ourselves for meaning. There are higher powers out there. The galaxy is filled with magic and mystery and much goodness. Any creator that produces a Contemplative Stag such as yourself is pretty darned smart in my book.<br />
<br />
One of your overarching themes has always been that of thankfulness. Sending out a little mental thank you note for all the great things - and the absence of the many possible awful ones - is how I practice my religion. It acknowledges that authority without worrying too much about the rules of the road. I trust my gut instincts for those.