Indian Brunch

Every sunday I look forward to Indian Brunch.  At $7.95 for all I can eat, it is a great bargain.  I always go to the same Indian restaurant week in and week out.  Sometimes I receive coupons in the mail inviting me to try out other Indian places but I just can't bring myself to do it.  The Indian place I go to never gets that packed.  I like that.  Normally there are only about five to ten people in there at any given time.  Sometimes, I am the only one.

The very first thing I do is try and get my favorite seat that is located in the corner by the white gauze-draped window.  Then I immediately go to the buffet and pick out what I want.   I grab a plate and lift up the silver lid (ok, metal lid) and scoop in some Basmati rice.  I immediately follow it with a garbanzo bean Indian dish.   Under the next lid, they have some Red barbequed Indian chicken with onions and green peppers.  Under the next lid is either Tiki Masala or Chicken Khorma.  I prefer the Chicken Khorma due to the fact that it is smothered with curry, and I love curry.  I read somewhere that curry is really good for one's body and one should try to eat curry in their diet at least once a day.  The next lid always has a variety of dishes of which my favorite is either the okra dish or the pureed spinich dish with tofu.  It tastes so good!  There is also rice pudding and oranges and salad but I never get that.  I have no explanation why.  Perhaps one day I will.

As soon as I get back to my seat, I am always keen to ask for the Indian spicy sauces that are served but only if I ask for it.  The spicy sauces consist of a diced jalapeno carrot mix that is great for crunching and mixing in to soft Indian foods, a sweet purple sauce that I find good on the red chicken, and my favorite the spicy mint sauce.  I spread gluttonous portions of this spicy mint sauce on every square inch of my plate.  It is that good. 

Soon I am served with 2 generous portions of Nan bread straight out of the oven and a potato filled Simosa.  Both are excellent.  Inside the Simosa, it is fun to find the little pieces of whole Cumin and whole Corriander seed, and then bite on them between my teeth.  This releases the secret taste of India onto my tongue.

As I eat, I look around the place and stare at their Indian art decor around the room.  Most art hanging from walls consists of paintings or drawings of some sort.  I think this art is made from pieces of felt and has sequins inter spaced and laced into the Indian Character's clothing creating a sparkling effect as it reflects light.   I think of how cool it would be to one day visit India, and to see the Taj Majal.  I want to see the dances, the decor, the architechture, and to meet its peoples.  Every now and then I catch a glimpse of the Indian Cook, a middle eastern turban wearing man, whose white apron is always dirtied with Indian food stains and I think to myself, damn he can cook good.  I wonder if all cooks in India are as talented as he is and yet here he is working at this hole in the wall Indian Restaurant in Los Angeles.  But who cares right?  My gustatory senses win out on this argument.

I really do love this place and look forward to it every Sunday.  Sometimes I get friends or significant others to join me for Indian Brunch.  But most of the time, I eat there alone.

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Damn! I'm envious, there isn't an Indian restaraunt within 50 miles of me and my favorite indian restaraunt is 2,000 miles away now. Enjoy your brunch!