I Find Strength :)

How long does it take until you find your inner strength. How long does it take for it to surface. When all along it is always there inside just waiting for you to touch it.

Only when you feel your worst do you know to push it through to the surface. People will try to manipulating you into thinking that its you and not them. Even then you look at them and find what they have just said about you does not affect you, because it is not what you think they think.

You are the most significant to appreciate you, not your mum, dad, siblings, or your best friend. YOUR INNER STRENGTH when it surface is where you feel safe to be who you are.  

You have the strength, the will, to go within and find that power within.

It just needs to be touched...

jerkina jerkina
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

Thank you, it's just what i need... :) Someone who understands..

This is such an encouraging story, and so true. :) Thanks.