Fell Out Of A Tree By Kaydeeiskute

It was raining for 2 days and I was bored and I was driving my parents krazy. I decided to go outside, I climbed out through my window . I was just standing there trying not to slip because I forgot my shoes. there was branches against the house so I thought I would jump on 1 and climb down cause I'm a good tree climber. soon as I jumped to the branch I slipped and fell straight down. I woke up at the hospital.I hav a cuncushun,and my rite arm is broke,and two ribs are broke. I just got home an hour ago. so that is where I have been.i cann hardly move and everythin hurts.mommy gives me medicin and it makes me sleepy.i can hardly go to the bathroom so mom has to help me.i been wereing pullups to just in case.
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2 Responses Sep 16, 2012

Squirelbud it's Christoferson. I'm just trying to talk to you because it said you blocked me... What did I do?

Be careful kitty!!I've fallen out of trees lots of times...or was I pushed....

Thanx kitty :)