Yesterday I went out and bought my first baby's bottle and 2 dummy's to suck on, last night I got myself all nappied up with a nice thick toweling nappy and my plastic pants, sat watching TV and making sure I had plenty to drink. When I went to bed I made sure I had my dummy in and fell asleep. I woke in the early hours as I usually do needing a wee, I was a big baby and wet my nappy while sucking my dummy. Soon fell back to a nice warm deep sleep, Woke up this morning need to wee again so let my nappy take it all. No leaks so no wet bed. A great nights sleep.
whiteundiesboy whiteundiesboy
51-55, M
1 Response Aug 16, 2014

Very nice, do your prefer cloth, or disposable nappies hon?

I prefer cloth and plastic pants but do wear disposable's just for convenience.

I agree, a bit more upkeep for the cloth but it feels so much nicer