I Love Him To Pieces But...

I'm just sick of being on this emotional rollercoaster. He picks me up then puts me down. I feel like I'm a yoyo. I've shed more tears over this guy than I ever have anything else. I just had to call it a day and say we were through. It's been a couple of days and I feel ok. It's hard but it's something I've had to do for myself and my sanity for a change! I mean he wouldn't be in contact for days and then when I finally have in and got in contact with him he would act as if I was in the wrong. I don't think I was. Or he would tell me he was going to join the us military then he would change his mind then say he was staying and now he has changed his mind again. I can't take it any more. So, yeah, end of ramble.
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

I just broke up with a manipulative, selfish, insulting, rude, cold hearted, creep of a man. 4 years I wasted on this jerk and shed so many tears and was so alone and lonely in this disgusting dysfunctional relationship. We basically couldn't even stand each other toward then end, he would say the cruelest and lowest things to me like telling me I have no brain, calling me the dumbest and craziest woman. He was so mean and hurtful. A man is supposed to cherish, love and honor a woman and treat her gently. He was the complete opposite. He has been divorced twice, I should have known. When my mother was dying of Cancer and I was caring for her in another state I didn't want to even go back to him and he said he loved me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me and it was ALL LIES!!!!!! all he ever did was ignore, belittle, ridicule, insult me, yell at me and break me down to a shell of a person. I am so glad we are over now.

it sounds like you did the right thing. well done. this guy just wants his ego stroked and you deserve better. im sure you've taught him a lesson! :)

yeah, he's one of those "mean to keep them keen" kinda guys. if you hate your emotions being toyed with, try to avoid men with his traits when you're ready to look for someone new. good on you for sticking up for yourself and calling it quits with this guy, hopefully you will teach him a lesson - the more girls that dump jerks, the less jerks there'll be in the end.