I was shocked and felt down. He said that I was cold to him and made him feel like I didn't love him enough. He was sentimental, quiet in a while and we just broke up a month ago. I've cried a lot these days. I missed him like crazy because we came from the same country but we both took a study trip to different countries in the world. I was so busy to contact him. I really regret that I spent a long time studying and making presentations when I could chat with him some time and said that I still had special innermost feelings. Instead of asking him or caring about him, i just kept learning and making new friends in the new environment. I'm sad, extremely dissapointed now. I wish I could go back in time. I still pursue my dreams tho. I'm trying so hard to forget him and anew other relationships around my life. I'm still studying and doing whatever helps me improve my knowledge. Family is the best of this time! Stop worrying and thinking about my own further future.
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You have your life to live as it's way to short have fun move on and be happy don't have regrets if it was not meant to be move on and try again

Thanks for that :)

No probs