We were both lonely when we met. We both worked a lot of hours and didn't have a lot of time but when we did we always tried to make time for each other.

We hugged, kissed, had great sex, and talked sweet to each other. Then school started and originally we had planned to move in with each other. I went on a trip and while I was away, she had a car accident. Her health was affected and now she is in recovery about 400 miles away from me. Also I decided to go back to university. So we both understood that there was no way we could be together for the time being.

We broke up last night. I drove several hours away to see her and rented a hotel room where we could stay. We had dinner and then went to the room where we talked and hugged each other. She told me she couldnt stay the night and I was surprised. How can it be that she invited me to go there and hasn't seen me for over 3 months and knows very well that I am going to be busy while in school and decides she doesn't want to spend the night. She had some excuses about how she needed to do her physical therapy and didnt want to do it in front of me but then why did she tell me the night before that she would spend the night.

She told me to call her in the morning before I left back to school. I told her ok, thought about it and then decided to just leave. I texted her, "I deleted your number". Then I blocked her from my cell phone and now I feel crushed. She is not good for me anyways because she creates a lot of drama I haven't mentioned but it doesn't change how I feel.

I know this horrible heartbroken feeling will pass but right now I am just feeling TRULY horrible.

It's going to take time to heal.
sociableTim sociableTim
36-40, M
Aug 20, 2014