Its Over...hopefully For Good This Time....

He is 14 years younger than me. He once worked for my husband when my husband and I ran a business together. I was in a really unhappy, emotionally abusive relationship. I caught my husband on a live web cam ************ to my 16 year old cousin taking her clothes off for him. I was devasted.....but stayed for the kids and until I had the guts to leave. I found out more stuff after that....there were many other young girls that he had this type of relationship with...our babysitter, and he used his son from a previous marriage, to view young girls and contact them on msn.

 But anyway, Greg worked for my husband for a short period of summer, then got a different job and moved day, two years after he stopped working for us, he called our business number to ask for a reference as he was applying for a new job. I had the phone transfered to my cell and I got his call. I was attracted to him but had never given it a thought...I was married. Then he asked to meet me so he could sit and chat and get caught up on where his life had I met him. We ended up hitting it off, and I told him that I was leaving my husband because of all the problems. He said he would be my friend and be there for me.


We started to have an emotional affair....meeting every other night or so...then every night. My husband loved the idea of me going out because he would stay home with the kids in bed, and look at **** and meet women. He knew I was meeting someone but he didn't care. This went on for 5 months. Then one day, I went to drop Greg off to meet his girl friend and I cried. He held me and said he felt the same way. He broke up with her and  after another few months we became intimate. After 6 months I finally had th ecourage to leave my marriage to be with Greg.


I got the house, my ex got the business. I also got the kids, and no child support and my ex started to have less and less contact with our kids. It is four years later almost to the day that Greg and I started to have an intimate loving relationship. But today, I am ending it, because the grass was not greener on the other side. I have no regrets about leaving my husband and am thankful that Greg helped me with that but he also left me an emotional mess from all the horrific things he himself has done to me.


He has punched me in the face. Cheated on me three times. Called me every horrific name under the sun including the C*** and S*** words as well as ***** and psycho. He has spent over 6000. dollars of my money. He has lied to me. Lied about me. And had his family lie to me for him. He had sex with his brothers 14 year old girl friend....he is 25. He has smashed the dash of my car, scratched the side of my car, crashed my parents car. He has put holes in my walls and in my parents house.


I found out in January that I was pregnant. There was a problem with the baby and I had a D and C. He refused to come to the hospital with me because he didn't want to miss a day of work. I went alone. After the D and C he wanted to have sex with me and I didn't wan tto but he kept saying he can't keep his hands off me and i make him get so worked up that I just did it anyway. Oh, and the day I had the D and C, he walked to meet his ex girlfriend and went to a party with her. Just found that out. Now I am scared that I am pregnant again because we had sex two weeks ago. I took a test and it says positive but it is so early if could still be from the last pregnancy.


He was with me when I took the test. A freind of mine text me  when she heard he was at my house. She didn't want me to be with him again and was reminding me of all the bad things he did. He grabbed my cell and read her texts. He got so angry when he saw what she was texting. He started to yell and scream at me and told me to tell her to back off and to not be her friend any more. He wanted me to defend him. But I couldn't because I have lost so much from being with him. And, I actually lost friends before that he didn't want me to talk to because they said he was bad for me. I defended him then but not this time. So he through a fit in my house in front of my kids. I made him leave. He text me saying sorry and that he was just upset and going to go home and cool down for a little. We had tried living together but everytime we argued he would go to his moms so last time he did that I never let him have a key again. The arguement we just had was on Friday night. Saturday, I got a phone call from the 14 year old he slept with two years ago. Now she is 16 and is still involved with his brother. She told me that he got drunk at a bar and tried to hit on her mother. When she said no, he then went to the 16 year olds house and tried to have sex with her. I called him as soon as she told me that. He didn't even deny it. Just said it was a mistake and he was drunk. I don't even care any more. I hate him and all the bull he has put me through, but the only way to end it is for me to put an end to it. Cause he text me and said he loves me and is going to get help....what ever that means...its a little too late for me. TIME TO MOVE FORWARD>

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Reading your story gives me strength to move on from my relationship. I really hope you left him for good. I can relate to you not letting him go because I've done the same thing even though everything inside me screams to leave him. I never thought I would end up in a relationship like this because I've always considered by myself to be smart and independent. But *love* and *attraction* can be like a disease that mess up our brain chemistry, at least that's what I think happened to me. I can no longer make choose the choices that were clearly the best for me because of this overwhelming feeling of love and devotion I feel for this guy who is 10 years younger than me, and who is a pathological liar. He can't live without the attention of other women. It's like a drug to him. He needs it to feel good about himself. I love of one woman is not enough and will never be enough. I have a 2 year old son with him. I discovered this week that he tried to meet up with a mutual acquaintance of ours. When I confronted him about it, he admitted it, but said that it was months ago. He said sorry and that he loves me and tears started falling from his eyes. So, I can't even be angry at him. But I spoke directly to the girl, and she said that he asked her out for lunch just this past week. So, despite the display of seemingly sincere emotions of apology, he was STILL LYING TO ME! Men like we unfortunately ended up dating have no sense of guilt or shame. It's like a moral deficiency. They have the make up of a psychopath dare I say. They can easily mimic behaviors to manipulate us and have no remorse. I kicked him out a couple of days ago, but he has no place to go, and I need help with the rent and my son. I will have to tough it out with him for a while until I get a job and keep my distance from him.