Well Yeah I Believe It.

BP is ready to close the hole up in the gulf, The cap is on and ready to close and guess what???

You guessed it. Our wonderful government told them to stop.
Our government wants to examine all the possibilities before proceeding.

So what if they think something could go wrong?
What could be worse than a free flowing open well?

Come on Washington. Get out of the way and let people get this stuff done.
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Couldn't have said it better Dan,

Day 91: Once again, there is talk of opening<br />
the well cap. As always, politics takes center stage. BP wants the cap<br />
to remain in place, fearing they will be blamed if oil starts gushing<br />
into the Gulf again. The feds say oil is seeping onto the sea floor and<br />
want the well reopened to alleviate pressure. Guess we'll just watch and<br />
... wait: http://www.liveoilcam.com/

Yeah can be much shorter time. Government works slow....too often too slow. They quick to response to the vote though. :-)

They did finally ok the closure of the cap.<br />
I wonder how long this would have taken if the government had just stayed out of it?

From last night news, the explanation was about the flux capability of the new cap is still a question, it might be overpressure and adding the pressure to overall system where there could cause another leak else where.

hurls grass at the government!

Superman wouldn't put up with this....

Seems to me, the destruction of our earth should override bureaucracy. Lay laws a aside and save the day. Where is Superman when you need him?

OMG i am speachless

I can believe it... It is what happens all the time when government gets involved...