I can't...there's no freaking way. I've got two jobs, working 12 hours a day only to make an extra 50 bucks every two weeks than I was working only one. I just failed my college courses because my job takes everything out of my and I pass out doing my homework so it doesn't get done. I can't stay asleep for any significant length of time. My ***** mother is always up my *** and my dad just agrees with her so he doesn't have to argue with her. My martial arts class keeps getting cancelled and it's the only thing I enjoy doing anymore. I take **** from everyone every second of every day. I'm trying to stop cutting, which is stressing me out even more. It's not freaking worth it! I cannot do it anymore! Give me one good reason why I should let this **** continue....
L96Arctic L96Arctic
22-25, M
2 Responses May 13, 2012

Because you are strong enough to get through this! I know its bullshit now but it will get better eventually. Just remeber you friends here who care about you. And yes I do(whitsles innocently). I would miss you! <br />
Hang in there !!

because it would kill me to lose you....... your like my best friend and i look forward to talking to you and shareing random funny moments. if something happend to you it would kill me.......