I Have Almost Had It With Dating All Together

I have had bad experience one after another. I just can't handle it anymore. I know it's because i pick the wrong man all the time, but where the ****** is the right one? I have no idea what to think. I guess i could be a workaholic or something to avoid men all together. I am by no means a man hater, i have a great dad and i grew up with some really great guy's, but i want one special guy who just does it for me.

I faught so hard in past relationships to keep things intact and i have broken up with my fiance this month because he refused to see that he has problems too and get marriage councelling with me. It really kills me to know that no matter how hard i fight, i always end up alone, there is no justice in relationships.  Yes, i saw a psychologist about what my problems might have been and my only problem was that i lost trust for my fiance. Well he did a bad thing. So i couldn't trust him anymore.

Since i have learned that not all men do that kind of stuff and that you are not all bad. I can

I now refuse to settle for anything but the best of the best and i will not give up on my hopes of finding my true love.

I wish he would just walk up to me out of no where and shock the hell out of me. I know that when i meet the one, i will drop and have a heart attack. lol! well i hope not, but close.

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3 Responses Aug 22, 2007

Dont give up as when you least expect it, your soulmate will find you! I nearly ended My life a couple of years ago as gave up on ever finding a decent human being to have the kind of relationship I wanted with, then, out of the blue, I found Him. :-)

You must be right, you know better than i do lol! <br />
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Thank you,<br />