Um Yea

 I did... my very little bangs that I have... I was lighting a candle and it kind of just exploded and just got my bangs I started freaking out because well there was fire right by my face ah... scared the **** out of me... Stupid candle..


UPDATE::::::::: I just went and look at my hair and there is a big chunk taken out of it... omg  it looks horrible.. the shortest piece I could find was not ever the size of my pinky fingernail... omg that was so close...

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omg I'm not the only one... hehe

AND<br />
right after i posted my above comment....<br />
how?<br />
rather not say....<br />

Yea I'm thinking that very same thing...

Oh yes...flaming finernails don't just blow out like birthday candles either!<br />
Fresh nail polish is a hazard!<br />
<br />
Also that shampoo you used on your bangs should be tossed!

O yea light a candle far away.. And make sure you don't light one when you have something flammable on or around you..

Peace, your fingernails? Really? Alrighty then, you learn something new every day....

I think it might of been my shampoo that a use... I didn't have any hairspray.. omg your fingernails that would freak me out... <br />
haha no IWM you never told me that... Yes burnt hair smells so nasty... YUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!

lmao omg that would horrible I'm so glad it was just my bangs..

So glad you were not injured!<br />
Was their hairspray on your bangs?<br />
It is very flammable.<br />
My fingernails caught on fire once....just after I painted my nails...fingernail polish flames also.

Ha! Should I tell you about the time I tried to light the grill and it exploded in my face? Burnt hair smells gross, but at least I saved my eyebrows!!

Hahh that's funny, sorry. That happened to my friend's grandma except to her eyebrows. They never grew back...