Five Dollar Coin May Come

I found out on Google that  Harper originally planned to have the $5.00 coin out by Apr. 1, 2011  but he had it delayed but still plans on putting it out  but there's no scheduled date for it  but he has a name for it.   The Harpie.        I think  that suits it  people will harp about how much weight it has!   I  Hope that Harper changes his mind about implementing a $5.00 coin.    I however am afraid that it will eventually become a reality!   Maybe the nickels and pennies will be gone by then.
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

I guess the penny is a done deal, as for a $5 coin? I'm not sure I think it probably will happen sooner rather than later.
I really think we are steadily moving towards a "cashless" society.