How hard I tried to make friends, helped everyone & tried to interact, I have people but in the end I could never trust them at all ,I never felt happy never got anybody to interact first if they do interact first it is the usual "hey,how are you? " which is so boring!!! .Look I understand that not everybody can interact but I feel they have no right to judge me by saying I am not open ,how can I be open with zombies??? I am really open but don't have the right people but if I do have they disappear out of nowhere. How can I trust others if they are not open about who they are exactly, they want fun crowd & people to make themselves a fool 😯.Why can't they make themselves a fool it will be fun to see that.I don't like people using others for their own selfish gains without giving any return,it is so sick & low .When they they used by others they said "why me?" well the answer is simple you got what you deserve for using other people.
Mithibai93 Mithibai93
22-25, M
Aug 15, 2014