She leaves the ocean and steps from the water on the sand on some hot, windy, sunny day.  A Greek goddess or a sultry Brigitte Bardot.  An icon.  I fell in love with the pic in her very first album and was the first to comment on it.  It was kind of a New Year present.  She's a real beauty and has star quality. 

I became a member of the fan club.  That reflected a state of mind rather than an intention, since I don't like compulsion even when it is self imposed. 

The consequence was that the more daily greetings me and her other 426 friends got, the less I was inclined to look about her activities.  I almost lost my interest until I decided to write a story on each of my experiences.  I'm lazy, maybe unfaithful, maybe I prefer her body over her mind.  May I be honest?

In retrospect a turning point was a brawl she suddenly had with another EP member.  I didn't want to get involved with fighting cats.  A man, a coward as we all know, knows his limits.


Apart from that, I'm still pleased with the sight of your luscious you, sexysienna.  You really are quite a view!

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1 Response Mar 3, 2010

she is now, but look at her pics (or movies) when she was a star. Absolutely stunning, she was, Sienna!