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Hey My fans;
Its me Ayshagirl (created "I Crossdress as a Teen Girl, check it out for you newbies!) It been a while so here is my latest adventure. I just spent two months on this crazy diet to get to 120 lbs to be able to wear my favorite skimpy summer girl clothes. I love wearing tight black or white booty shorts with a sports top and sneakers or sheer fitted flirty sundresses with lace thong panties and matching push-up bras or an ultra-short jean miniskirt that barely covers my rear with low-cut bandeau or tube top with ballet flats and silver jewellry. So, I had a wonderful fun sexy experience last weekend I have to share. I drove to a waterslide park dressed in my booty shorts, halter top and wedge sandals, minimal makeup, "cotton candy" body spray, hair tied back into a loose ponytail. I paid my admission and casually walked into the ladies bathroom, got my locker and undressed completely in the private change room. I made sure I was still "tucked" and inserted a tampon up my bum ( to feel more "like a real girl" I guess?) and then put on a pair of size 5 red OP string bikini bottoms with matching string bikini top which came fitted with silicone gel "breasts." I grabbed my beach bag, towel, wrap and sunglasses, took a deep breath and opened the door. God, I was SO nervous as I stepped into the bath area which was packed with women and girls and almost changed my mind about the whole thing, but got no wierd looks and a nice comment from a girl about my outfit. I caught a glimpse of my body in the full length mirror- WOW, I looked so pretty, nice round boobs, tight firm butt, just like all the other girls in their barely there bikinis! I smiled knowing that I really was "passing." Feeling really confident, I walked outside to the pool, my heart beating like crazy.. both guys and girls were checking me out but I stayed "cool under pressure" and made eye contact and they just smiled at me! The positive reaction was so surreal and I felt so natural and feminine, like I was born in the female gender. I swayed my hips and arms just like any other girl and walked over to a lounge chair and lay down to catch some rays. Got comfy and put suntan lotion all over and even got an offer from this guy to put some on my back and legs, which I accepted! We chatted and he tried to pick me up and even gave me his cell#! I stayed for a few hours and even went down a few slides and got some nice tan lines! I hated to end the day as I enjoy the attention from both sexes and sighed inside that God didn't make me a real girl from the get not fair! Oh well, maybe in my next life ~?
ayshagirl ayshagirl
26-30, M
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hi dear?.. how did u reduce your weight?.. could u tell me, it will be helpful for me to do as this