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Hey My fans;
Its me Ayshagirl (created "I Crossdress as a Teen Girl, check it out for you newbies!) It been a while so here is my latest story. I just spent two months on this crazy diet to get to 120 lbs to be able to wear skimpy summer clothes as a girl. I had a wonderful fun sexy experience last weekend. I drove to a waterslide park dressed in booty shorts, halter top and wedge sandals, minimal makeup, har tied back into a ponytail. Casually walked into the ladies bathroom, got my locker and undressed completely in the change room. I made sure I was still "tucked" and put on a pair of tight red OP string bikini bottoms with matching string bikini top, which I inserted silicone gel "boobs." I got my beach bag, wrap and sunglasses and opened the door. God, I was SO nervous as I stepped into the bath area and almost changed my mind about the whole thing, but got a nice comment from a girl about my outfit and then caught a glimpse of my body- WOW I looked so hot and just like any other teen girl! As I stepped outside into the sunshine, my heart was beating like crazy.. both guys and girls were checking me out but I held my eye contact with a few and they just smiled! The positive reaction boosted my confidence and I just stayed "cool under pressure." I moved my hips and arms just like a real girl and walked over to a lounge chair. Got comfy and put suntan lotion all over and even got an offer from this guy to put some on my back and legs, which I accepted! Stayed for a few hours and went down a few slides and got some nice tan lines! LOVE the attention and sighed that God didn't make me a real girl from the get go. Oh well, maybe in my next life. Anybody else enjoy this kind of CD experience~? Im from Abbostsford BC Canada and would so enjoy spending the day at the beach with another CD girl.
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Loved your story darling, i have a simliar experience but mine was on a beach not far from my place, and yes, I just adore wearing girls bikini's. Between my sister and i we have over 50 styles lol

Loved the experience you shared , when i was pre teen my mom and me at the pool she kept scolding me to stop walking like a girl , 43 now have never got wishing to be female out of my system , have c/d many time in public , i love it

perfect girl go on ..kissssss

Interesting and sexy.. How about sharing more..

Nice stories I am glad it went well and you had the chance to enjoy the sun. Be proud of who you are. Take care