25 and Divorced

After being married for 6 years and just getting the divorced finalized last year, my life seems to be falling apart. I have a job that is paying just above minimum wage great right, so finances are rough, exspecially seeing as I have taken about 20,000 in debt from my marriage. Now I find myself not doing things I enjoyed at one time, going out is more of a bother than fun. I am also a fulltime college student so my studies keep me pretty busy but I think I do all this on purpose, I think I try to over work myself. I have dogs to take care of and school work to do regularly...its getting harder and harder to cop. Dating is difficult I seem to fall to quickly and it has ended in heart ahe every time. When I try not to fall hard is when, I am cold and unloving something I chose not to be...at the same time the feeling of wanting children keeps coming to me knowing I am not stable enough for that but the feeling is still there. Its a life of feeling alone in everything that I do, this is my story.


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I feel for ya. In some ways I'm in a similar state. Don't give up -- keep on going for your goal, which is a really important one for the rest of your life. Get your paper (degree) and keep on being caring and responsible for your loved ones. Things will get better, especially when you have that degree and can get a better paying job. That's a lot more important than relationships right now, yes? You have to survive and your loved ones do, too. You have good priorities. The other stuff will follow. ;)

Did you delete this story h? I found it through your profile but you didn't have it as an experience group.<br />
The last half really sounds just like me. :) I hope you stick around.