Ggrr... Uuhhgg

I did the flu thing about two weeks ago and was feeling better until last night. My throat is on fire, ears even hurt and I'm just so freakin' tired! Moving is forced these days and I'm actually typing this while laying in bed... talk about lazy! I'm even too tired to eat dinner tonight. Had a Cuban for lunch (the sandwich silly), so that should hold until tomorrow.

I guess I never got over the first illness before this one hit me. He told me not to give blood last week and I didn't listen well. I was so excited that my iron was finally high enough that I went for it. Maybe I should cancel the donation this weekend? I found out I can donate platelets much more frequently and made an appointment for Sunday. I'm O negative so figured it would help someone in need. I doubt that's what it was though... just sickly these days and having trouble fighting it.

*yawn/stretch* maybe a little sleep will help

nighty night darlin's


Okay I MUST be feelin' crappy because I just made a voluntary dr appt. I HATE the Dr's! Someone shoot me please *cough/hack*

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Feb 11, 2009