Premonitions Or What?

well tuesday night i was talking to this guy that i had never met and he wanted me to meet him.... and well i wanted to meet him too we had been talking for like a year and something didnt really feel right... about me going to meet him well the next morning my mom comes in my room and was like "so what do u have planned today" and i was like going over my friends house and we are going to hang out and i was like why and then she said that she had a dream about me going to meet someone but she didnt know who it was or where we were going to meet.... and she told me that i should not go and meet this person cause something really bad was going to happen and i was like well did i die and she was like you were close to it! she never would tell me what happened in the dream she said that she didnt want to talk about it... well i never did go meet this guy but " I just dont get it" she didnt start doing this until i turned like 17....  ohh and by the way i was not going to meet this guy until thursday....

ps: what do you think???

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3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

you already had a "not right feeling" even before your mom told you not too.. not only should you not go but you should think of cutting off communication with him.. something doesnt feel right is usually not right.. and we all hate to admit it but 95 percent of times our mothers are right..

I see I misread your story!<br />
BY ALL MEANS listen to your mother.<br />
Forgive my last comment.<br />

Trust your mother's intuition. We get feelings about stuff (I don't know where they come from) and lots of times we're right.