I Just Don't Get Men...sometimes

I don't get men. This is why I am trying to raise my sons to RESPECT women. In my situation, besides the fact that he was abusive(and he still doesn't understand HOW...hello duh doesn't take a rocket scientist)however,I GAVE 1000% and all he did was TAKE TAKE TAKE. A relationship is a 2 way street. I was, at the beginning, happy. Due to him changing his career, THAT was where the trouble began. Then I got a job as well. He shows up at my workplace with our son and tells me that he is sick of being a father!!!! I just don't get it. Fill their stomachs and make love then you have a happy man...THERE HAS GOT TO BE MORE!!!! I know not ALL guys are like this but does it ever make you think and put up a wall and now I am scared to death to even try to date.
Anyway, thoughts, comments, are extremely welcome!!!! :)
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Sorry this happened to you. My wife works long hours and I love taking care of my kids. I tell her much she is missing....