I Really Don't

I'm so sick of caring what everybody else thinks of me. I am just going to start doing what makes me happy and **** the rest. This is bullshit! I make myself literally sick with anxiety over what others are thinking/saying about me. I am OVER it.

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

i find there's two different ways people find hard in fitting in, voluntary and involuntary, me im kinda both, i got this birthmark on my face always made me paranoid and self conscious, and what angers me is that when people are all like omg i cant fit in, **** i fit in i just look different. so through out life i just used my wittiness to make them feel worse than me. Everyone is depressed so ****** what, im only 20 now and i have to learn a business and how to run it with the harshest people alive get the **** over your weird looks cuz ive delt with worse, you can just say screw everyone cuz u'll still get beat down, u just gotta trick everyone around you to do or act how you want, nothing gets easier ever. <br />
I guarantee i feel more humiliated that you and i got a ridiculous amount of scars already all over my body from the ****** line of work i never chose to do. Get over it, just be better.

I care too much about what people say about me and i feel so down. mm i feel so shy to tell anyone that i care thats why i don't talk about this with my friends ..